Meet the Artists

Cody Martin (Illustrator)

Cody Martin is an illustrator from Murfreesboro, Tennessee who is turning his lifelong love of drawing into a career that will allow him to become more self-sufficient. Instead of letting autism hinder him, he works very hard to pursue his dream of entertaining people with his gift. With direction and encouragement from the staff at Westwood Avenue, Cody is pursuing his dream of being a working illustrator. From coloring books, original designs, posters and prints to cartoon columns, Cody's work is coming to life and being published more each day.

Brenden Melton (Designer)

Brenden Melton is a local artist and designer with an eye for detail. He began working at Westwood Avenue as a designer for their marketing and advertising clients. When Cody Martin was hired to work at Westwood Avenue, Brenden quickly discovered how to work with him in order to encourage his best work. After gaining his trust, Brenden first began to work with Cody to create many images that feature great scenes around our office. Then Cody focused on illustrating all of the iconic landscapes around Nashville. Using his artistic talents and big heart, Brenden continues to work tirelessly with Cody to develop the colorful, unique style that these images portray.