Meet the Artists

Cody Martin (Illustrator)

Cody Martin is an illustrator from Murfreesboro, Tennessee who is turning his lifelong love of drawing into a career that will allow him to become more self-sufficient. Instead of letting autism hinder him, he works very hard to pursue his dream of entertaining people with his gift. With direction and encouragement from the staff at Westwood Avenue, Cody is pursuing his dream of being a working illustrator. From coloring books, original designs, posters and prints to cartoon columns, Cody's work is coming to life and being published more each day.

Rita Ragni (Designer)

Rita Ragni is an artist originally from Pennsylvania, who began her career in design by working on her small iPhone. After relocating to Nashville, and discovering On The Avenue, Rita decided to become a part of our creative training studio and focus on growing as an artist. On The Avenue has provided the tools for Rita to flourish in her artistic passions. Diagnosed with autism in her early twenties, as many females on the autism spectrum are, Rita shows great resolve in overcoming any obstacles to chase her goal of becoming a successful artist. On The Avenue nurtures and provides opportunities for Rita to grow in her endeavors. Rita is also an incredible friend, teammate, and mentor; and a major success story here at On the Avenue.